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As we are actively involved in the film project as early as during the script writing stage, we can both create the right conditions for the development of the film and eliminate the threats. The risk factors that might arise at the production stage may adversely affect the final result, i.e. the film itself. Our involvement at each and every production stage allows us to create the right environment for the project development and to eliminate the risks immediately. Our investment model provides investors with a solid share in the profits generated by the film, as well as a clear and transparent policy for reporting and settling the proceeds. This translates into a high level of comfort for our business partners.
We focus our activities on commercial films, which provides an opportunity to reach mass audiences. This approach to film as a mass product translates into the financial results of the project, offering the prospects of a high rate of return. From the start of an investment process, we are responsible for all the formal issues related to concluding investment agreements. A film is a long-lasting product, which can take up to 30 years to commercialise. Our investors participate in the profits derived from the film throughout the entire period it functions in the public space, which makes it a very attractive product.