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We are the number one place for financing the largest commercial productions in Poland. We handle raising funds from private and institutional investors in Poland and abroad. We select projects with the highest financial potential on the market, we handle communication among the Investors and the largest producers in the country. Our experience and professionalism allows us to provide our business partners with the ability to participate in the largest productions with above-average profit expectations. As we engage in a project, we stay on top of things from the very beginning. We supervise the entire film creation process: from script development to commercialisation of the film in all fields of its exploitation. Together with our business partners, we had the pleasure to participate in such productions as: “Pitbull. Last Pig” (2018), “Mafia Women” (2018), “Botox” (2017), “PolandJa” (2017), “Pitbull. New Orders” (2016), “Diablo. The Race for Everything” (2019), ” Psy 3. W imię zasad” (2020) release: 17/01/2020, “Furioza” (2020) release: 31/01/2020, “Krime Story” (2020) release: Q4 2020.